Sophia Rowland (Editor-In-Chief/Contributor) – is an aspiring children’s book writer. She graduated with her BA in Writing and Literature from the California College of the Arts.  She is currently living back in her hometown of Los Angeles. She’s worked as an assistant scriptwriter and production assistant on TV one’s music documentary series ‘Unsung’. She was also formerly Creative Director for CCA’s literary magazine Humble Pie volume 3. Some of her stories have been published in Humble Pie volumes 1 and 4 too! Sophia loves cats, magic, and enchiladas.

Her ‘fear’ is that the line between what’s ‘real’ and what isn’t has become blurred; and that women and girls are becoming more and more uncomfortable with their bodies. She is afraid that Feminism has taken one step forward and two steps back – but hopes to help change that in what little ways she can.


Caitlin Clarkson (Art Director/Contributor) – one of Caitlin’s least favorite things to do is write introductory paragraphs about herself. She also hates painting self portraits, but will do both of these things when required of her. Caitlin graduated from the California College of the Arts (and Crafts, RIP), where she studied illustration. You know the delicious looking painting of chili on the can of beans sitting in your pantry? She wants to paint those paintings for a living. Or illustrate children’s books, she’s not picky. If she’s not painting, Caitlin is usually either harassing her cat or watching a 1950’s sci-fi movie.

Her fear is that she will be too scared to reach out and attempt to achieve what she secretly knows she is capable of.


Nusha Ashjaee (Contributor) – is in her last year at the California College of the Arts studying Writing & Literature. She’s been the fiction editor for Humble Pie, a DJ for an underground radio station, an editor at, and a pizza server. She also likes making comics but procrastinates on them by reading other people’s comics as well as watching reruns of Mad Men and Portlandia. You can seen some of her work at and in cartoonist Melaina’s upcoming comic anthology (

Her fear is that she is truly a delusional person.


Chloe Crossman (Contributor) – is an East Bay native, who is fully aware of how lucky she is to have been raised in such a culturally diverse and openly liberal environment. She graduated with a BA in Writing and Literature from the California College of the Arts, where she spent a semester as Creative Director for CCA’s literary magazine, Humble Pie. Currently, she is working as counter staff at Industrial Tattoo in Berkeley, as well as for a female owned and operated, organic jewelry company based out of San Francisco. Additionally, she continues to develop her visual art skills, and aspires to become a tattooer. In what precious spare time she has, Chloe enjoys cooking delicious food, watching Netflix documentaries about space, and offensive needlepoint.

Her fear is that she will allow her own self doubts to prevent her from accomplishing that which she truly knows she can. And spiders, because even now she is convinced that they conspire with one another to crawl across her face at night


Taylor Majewski  (Contributor) – grew up in Connecticut and now lives in Los Angeles where she attends Occidental College. She plans to declare an English and Comparative Literary Studies major and hopes to go to law school after college. On a regular basis, Taylor can be found watching SNL, reading, or hiding from Sophia’s cat.

Her fear is that she won’t be able to achieve some of the lifelong goals she set for herself at an early age.


Edison Mellor-Goldman  (Contributor) – was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently living in Santa Cruz at the University of California while working towards a degree in Economics and Environmental studies. He’s passionate about lots of things, not limited to: food, basketball, good people, jamming, walks in the woods, and other such romantic ideals one would expect from a Santa Cruz resident. He’s also, frankly, somewhat uncomfortable writing in the third person. He’s simply trying to come out on the other end of college having played as much music as possible, having written about things he loves to write about, and having learned perspectives and ideas that he can’t learn from google.

His fear is that many people might not realize how reciprocal male and female interactions are, and how we have the ability to shape the other gender through our own actions as well as shaping ourselves to more realistic ideals. He also fears coming off as preachy.

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