The Fear Girls 2.0

by thefeargirls

Welcome to the new and improved Take a moment to ooh and ahh at the new layout. So simple! So sleek! Articles will now be placed into one of three categories: ‘growing-up’ , ‘relationships’ and ‘outings’. We’ve also synced the website with our Tumblr, so there will be a new featured artist every day.

When we’re not writing, we’ll be working on an anthology of our old articles. You can still read our old work by loading past posts as you scroll down.

We’re headed towards a more 3rd wave, less 2nd wave feminist outlook. Though we were probably not very second wave to begin with. Translation – we want to focus on the upbeat aspects of growing up as a ‘young lady in society’ … though that doesn’t mean we aren’t still going to call out some bullshit from time to time.