by thefeargirls

“Ella has always had her fingers in many creative pies, and her recent Paperdemry creations are proof that this has yet to change. Hailing from Sydney, Ella is an Australian based artist who seemingly changes her hair colour more than her wardrobe. She is a National Art School graduate, where she majored in, oddly, painting.

It was in developing these classical, fine art skills that she began working more and more with paper. At one point she decided to put down the brush, and start working entirely with it, and hasn’t looked back since. Paperdermy (a phrase Ella coined when she first started sculpting) is, unsurprisingly, paper adaptations of taxidermy animals. Be they mounted deer heads, stuffed condors or grizzly-bear rugs, Ella has translated her love of animals into an art form.”

Ella Clawley