Featured Artist: Laura Galbraith

by thefeargirls

“Strength. Weakness. Stereotype. It was the strong women in my life that always impressed me. They were the ones that I’d always looked up to– the ones I wanted to become in this male-dominated world. What soon revealed itself to me was the path they had taken to become who they are now. It was through listening to stories of their lives, that I became obsessed with the role of women in society versus what women actually wanted … What is expressed in my artwork seems to be more of the desire to be a strong individual, but also still remain in some aspects, a stereotype — a woman’s definition of what is ‘strong’ is everything that a man can do; Yet, many of them still seek the stereotypical goal of beauty, elegance, and vanity.

Originally from Miami, FL, Galbraith’s work creates a mix of traditional and digital art, combining the textures of a hand-drawn line, with the bright colors and atmosphere of digital work. She uses unusual and interesting ways of combining traditional media with the computer, and her style is always changing. She is currently creating and conceptualizing artwork in her Brooklyn, NY studio.”

Laura Galbraith