Featured Artist: Zoe Claster

by thefeargirls

A little while ago we posted an interview with poet Zoe Claster. (Check that one out here ‘be a gentleman, and call me sometime’) This week, we are graced with another poem of her’s. Enjoy!

Nostalgic State
by Zoe Claster
A momentary rain
Fell over a city
That we once
Played in together
So many summers ago
And the warm memories
That might only captivate
A small child
Desperate for that which
Heightens the senses
And fuels the imagination
Flooded out of me
And danced about in the streets
Likes ghosts on vacation
And that sensation
Quickly faded away
Into a light drizzle
And I was left alone
Staring up at the sky
And thinking of you
How I’ve often thought
About writing you postcards
Something tastefully tacky
And a little sentimental
I would ask you how you’ve been
After all these years
And all those tears
And if it’s still okay
To cry
After the procession
Has gone by
While others have moved on
I still wait
Hoping that this will be the day
That you arrive
To embrace me
With the familiar shine
Of your smile
That for awhile
Was beginning to dim
From my nostalgic state
And I hate
That you left
Before I knew better
Not to take you for granted
So that you
Might hear my thoughts
And give me direction
MIght remind me
Of the family I never knew
Who threw
Plastic pelicans at the fridge
How my mother would laugh
And how my father
Lived for her laughter
And not her expense account
Make me forget
That they both
Have grown bitter with age
And that their rage
Blinds them
From what truly matters
As they say
You’ll forgive us”
I would I could tell you
All the feelings
I could barely convey
And all the ideas
I haven’t thought of yet
But my curse
Is that you
Who brought wonder to my world
And taught me how to dream
Can’t enter my thoughts
Without the stinging
Pain of remorse
And I force myself
To keep my cool
Afraid that if I slip
I may interrupt my train of thought
And erupt
In the middle of a crowded street
And throw a tantrum
Like an infantile child
Wishing that her mommy
Would just come home!
I often wonder
Where you’ve run off to
If you can hear my voice
If you can see me
While you’re enjoying
The infinite
And exquisit pleasures
Of the unknown
And the ideal
But most of all:
I hope that you are somewhere
And that you can still
Feel the whimsy of the city
That we once played in together
So many summers ago
And think of me.