The Battle for Reproductive Rights Continues…

by thefeargirls

 By Patricia Arroyo

The 2012 election season is heating up as debates and issues crop up. Among the Republican candidates there is an acknowledged ‘war against women’ being waged this campaign season. The topics covered in the debates range from proposed personhood bills , health care reform, extension of government programs , and budget cuts to established aid centers like Planned Parenthood.

    One of the main reasons that these issues are being brought to the attention of presidential candidates is to sway potential voters in the hopes of garnering more votes. Another function is to create discussion among commentators that closely align themselves with particular political parties. One of the most well-documented controversies so far has been American conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh’s disapproval of health care reform that would help cover women’s contraception.

In the video, Limbaugh manages to over-simplify and misconstrue a proposed health coverage amendment from the Obama administration that would aid millions of women in obtaining birth control. Instead of focusing on the benefits of this new health measure, Limbaugh chooses to make slanderous generalizations and completely fails to consider any positive attributes that this measure could have on the lives of millions of American women. Unfortunately, since Limbaugh has managed to cement himself as a prominent figurehead of the Republican party, his views are broad-casted to his large audience.

Women all across the board are outraged at the idea that government officials, especially men, are continuing to police the way women choose to handle their bodies, lives, and families. Even though women’s voices are largely underrepresented, we can still band together and make our voices heard. We can let figureheads like Limbaugh know that we are not okay with being grouped into negative generalizations without our medical needs being addressed. highlights the readily accessible ways that we have to reach out and attempt to have our voices heard. Social media has proven to be a valuable tool in expediting governmental change and social awareness, and during this time in which women’s rights are increasingly infringed upon, we have to continue to raise awareness in order to be able to maintain some control over the choices we make in our lives.


Patricia is a first generation Mexican-American, born in Houston Texas. Patricia went to school at The California College of the Arts as a Fashion Design major. Her senior year she put together her own capsule collection and was awarded a spread in Surface Magazine. She also was given an internship with Nicole Miller in New York, which she has just completed. Patricia has returned to Texas to care for her father while he begins treatment for colon cancer. Patricia likes scary movies, dancing, tattoos, cats, and knitting.

Her fear is rejection, and that her self-doubt and insecurities will hold her back in her future endeavors.