Kickin’ It with the Kardashians

by thefeargirls

By Sophia Rowland
A wise boy of 21 once told me there are three stages to Reality TV:

Stage 1 – Denial. “I’m not going to watch Millionaire Matchmaker! That show is stupid. Watch something intelligent damnit!”

Stage 2 – Resentment. “I’m watching it, but I don’t like it and will now proceed to point out how awful this is.”

Stage 3 – Acceptance. “…hahaha.”

I grew up watching documentaries – so you can imagine me and reality TV don’t get along. Except that I’m starting to enter stage 3 where I find myself watching some of these detestable programs. The one that gets my attention most is ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ – which, in my better days, I was accidentally calling ‘Kickin’ it with the Kardashians’ (that’s when I didn’t know the difference between Kim, Khloe and Kourtney).

It is a totally watchable show, let me tell you. But just like watching the news at 11pm before you’re about to go to bed, it’s pretty upsetting. Sure I can laugh at them, but god…so many people are watching them. And who fucking cares? They’re awful, awful human beings. I mean, the mom is basically pimping out her daughters! Didn’t Kim get famous because of a sex tape? Ugh! ………But I still watch the show.

I’m not a religious Kardashian watcher, but I have noticed a theme – materialism.

Kourtney’s line at the end btw is “Kim, there are people dying” which makes me crack up every single time.

But seriously, what an awful, awful trio of girls to be seen as ‘role models’ for girls. I say ‘role models’ in quotes, because I know moms aren’t going “Now sweetie, stay in school and do your pilates so you can be smart like Kourtney, but look like Kim!” – Yet girls do look up to them, and grown women see their lifestyle as desirable. And to risk sounding like my mother, it’s sick. It makes me want to throw up. It makes me want to cry like the sad animal shelter commercial with Sarah McLachlan does.

No one knows who Jean Kilbourne is, but we ALL know who Kim Kardashian is. Being a ‘feminist’ is considered a fightin’ word – and it really shouldn’t be.

When I tell guys about TheFearGirls, there are mixed reactions – usually defensive ones. And I can totally understand why – we talk about some pretty personal stuff. And I may not be the prettyyy one, but I am certainly the opinionated one. However, sometimes, a guy will say, “I dig, I’m a feminist too!” Which is awesome to hear, because that’s what feminism is!!! A respect for both genders and seeing everyone as equals. I don’t like excuses like “Well, I’m a guy, so my opinion is XYZ” – You’re a human, and we’re really not that different.

I’m not sure why I watch some of these shows. I can say that I am 100% ashamed and feel like a huge hypocrite. The shows, if broken down and analyzed, usually consist of women calling each other ‘bitch,’ ‘fat,’ and ‘ugly’ and an emphasis on materialism. They also tend to gender stereotype, with people justifying ignorance with their own sex, i.e. “I’m a guy, so it’s okay that I want my women hot and stupid.” With that said, I feel like when I watch these shows, I learn more about the battle like-minded women and I are fighting daily.

And on a personal note – I watch how these women judge each other so that I won’t do it in my day-to-day life. It’s easy to make an off-handed, mean comment about someone, but it’s harder to stop yourself from doing it.


Sophia, I’m so glad you wrote about this. I, too, am guilty of watching these shows–not the Kardashians particularly, but Gossip Girls pretty much fits the bill, I think. Watching two best friends snipe and fight! But I’ve ALSO been on many the receiving end of a mean “feminist” comment. Men and women both seem to take issue, probably because of the anger and “men-hating” aspects of some feminists, particularly second wave. AND people seem to think women no longer need feminists. The whole idea of “post-feminism” is that sexism has been abolished and thus feminism is irrelevant. Both viewpoints are dangerous. Sexism has not vanished and feminists are still needed. But it’s always been attacked or dismissed.